Laser cutting, CNC bending sheet metal - Spadotto Srl Treviso Italy
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40 years of innovation in metal working

Don’t call us producers. Spadotto can offer to designers and enterprises its design skills, its tech team’s proficiency and its corporate philosophy . We accept the toughest challenges to implement projects and products that are consistent with our partners’ vision.


40 years of experience in laser cutting, CNC bending sheet metal and medium-light metal carpentry have left their mark on our company’s DNA, on our consultancy and both on our time and budget management. That’s why, for every project, for every single idea, you have to call us Spadotto, not simply producers.


Industry 4.0 system processing

Our constant investments in technology evolution and our Customers’ request made the transformation in Industry 4.0 possibile.

A transformation that allowed us to create a profound integration of processes from project to realization.


Each company plant is connected to the CAD/CAM system that provides both the project and the esecution details to the working machines: the connection with the management system allow us to monitor every aspect of the production in real time, in each machine.


Quality is a key factor

For us at Spadotto, being an Industry 4.0 represents the boost to keep the highest standards of quality; thanks to our advanced technologic equipment we are able to carry out checks on the finished product through computerized inspections, both 2D and 3D.


The result is a company that looks toward the future with confidence. We are able to optimize the production timing with human-to-machine system that allow us to simplify the control over the plant, still maintaining a constant eye on the production cycle.


Automatised working 24/7

Our productive machinery is managed through Industry 4.0 system that connects our project department to the production area; the CNC laser cutting units, that work 24 hours a day, are provided with nearby warehouses. These units are self-powered through an highly advanced technology that monitors the production cycle.


Forefront technical office

Our project designers are lead by high proficiency and helped by our management system. They are the best people to carry our customers from the conception to the final result.

We elaborate prototypes and simulate the reactions of every component through our latest generations CAD/CAM softwares. We pay particular attention to the investigation of our mechanical components in order to achieve the product development.


We believe in a global professionalism, and we invest important resources in training and keeping our technicians updated, not only to guarantee products to our customers, but also to consult and to provide solutions.


Wire warehouse

Our warehouse is able to handle a wide range of different materials:

  • Steel
  • stainless steel
  • galvanized plates
  • aluminum

that are always available to the machinery that works 24 hours a day.

This helps us to always provide a rapid production and delivery.


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