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High technology professionalism

CAD CAM design

Spadotto has chosen to evolve, transforming its production processes into a flow managed through a computerized system, whose heart is made up of CAD / CAM design systems, through which each product and each process is developed.


The software is able to simulate the behavior of the products, check every detail, optimize the use of the material: it is also able, through the specific management, to control the laser cutting machines, metal bending machines, the warehouse and the work finished, giving the production situation at all times, guaranteeing safety, respect of the times and correspondence of each piece to the project.


Spadotto has its own technical office to develop and develop projects in collaboration with customers, as well as the overall study of manufactured products.

The highly specialized technical staff is able to create working files based on customer requests, offering technical design consultancy and comprehensive assistance, thanks to the support of the latest CAD / CAM software:

  • Solid Works
  • Autocad
  • Lantek

From design to implementation, single point of contact

Spadotto is able to tackle the project in all its phases, from conception to design, from prototyping to testing up to industrial production.

Spadotto technicians, trained on a continuous basis, can support the company from the initial phases of the project, suggesting the best practices for each type of realization and following the development of the process from the first stage up to creation, acting as a single, safe and competent referent for each type of project.

Consultancy and technical support for product engineering

A project, a product, an idea can take shape through the advice that the Spadotto technical office provides: we are expert producers, and this is why our support becomes indispensable when it comes to engineering and industrializing products, because we know the materials, the processes and how these can be faced to guarantee, even when it comes to large quantities, a constant and uniform quality and the best quality / price ratio for your project.

Special finishes and treatments

In the laser cutting processes required by the most demanding sectors and attentive to product quality and content innovation such as those related to the world of design, we are able to offer continuously updated solutions and finishes, creating sophisticated workmanship with our customers that represent the best of Made in Italy.


At Spadotto we are able to manage CAD / CAM processes that optimize the use of the material, and to perform special finishes such as polishing, grinding, satin finishing, etching or any type of surface treatment required.


The activity of Spadotto is completed with an assembly department which, after having received the pieces processed by the production through a human to machine system that allows the 24 / H processing, verifies and checks the assembly.


Collaborating in each project right from the design stage, the Spadotto workers are able to provide the assembly service with the expertise of those who perfectly know the product, while the integrated management of the processes also generates in the final packaging phase of the advantageous economies of scale.

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