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Laser Cutting

Large and small shapes - holes

The complexity of the processes does not scare us, rather it allows us to show Spadotto’s professionalism in all the operations that are related to the laser cutting of sheet metal: thanks to our 40-years experience in the industry we can safely face every project.

We are able to carry out laser cutting operations for companies in various branches.


Industry 4.0 requires:

  • need for precision
  • consulting skills
  • production processes management
  • rapid execution


Spadotto, thanks to a latest generation machinery, offers a wide range of laser cutting, without shape constraints, with the ability to work up to high thicknesses.

Aluminum laser cutting

Aluminum, recyclable and ductile, resistant to oxidation and suitable for numerous processes, is a material that is conquering the market thanks to its highly adaptable qualities, made even more interesting by laser cutting applications that allow it to be used on many different occasions.

Spadotto is specialized in laser cutting of aluminum. A fiber optic technology allows to use non-ferrous metals in the process, with which we can produce artifacts for our customers, starting from the project to the final realization.

The laser cutting of aluminum sheets, managed by the machines controlled by the CAD / CAM system, allows the processing of every type of project. Thanks to the automated warehouse and our operational skills we have fast delivery times, and we can compete at the highest levels of market.

Steel laser cutting

The use of steel and stainless steel in the manufacturing industry is constantly growing: from construction to furnishing, from automotive to components, it is the main material for high quality workmanship: that is the reason why Spadotto is equipped with and constantly updated on laser cutting of steel and stainless steel plates for the most diverse branches of Italian industry.


The steel laser cutting department, as the other departments of the company, is able to work in a continuous cycle with a man-to-machine system that allows great speed of realization, professional control of the execution and perfect match of our supplies to the official standards .

Laser cutting with

Industry 4.0 system

Each project entrusted to the professionalism of Spadotto for the realization of laser cutting follows specific protocols, and is controlled by the company management processes, typical of the 4.0 business model.


To create artifacts through laser cutting technologies, each project is processed by the technical department of the company that transfers it to the CAD / CAM management system. Here, the laser cutting of the selected material is sent for prototyping and then to the actual realization, with high technology machinery that is able to operate in a continuous cycle, supplied by a computerized warehouse that allows the respect of timing thanks to a constant supply.

Tube laser cutting

Spadotto has a long experience and a specific competence in laser cutting of tubes, tubular and steel profiles, and we are proud of our vast range of interventions on laser tube cutting, starting from a minimum diameter of 12 mm.


The processing of tubes in various metals is aimed at manufacturing companies on the Italian scene that are looking for an evolved partner able to work on any material, applying laser cuts also on non-ferrous materials such as aluminum: companies in the agricultural sector, food, furniture, automotive, chemical, construction, earthmoving, home appliances, oil and many others.


The laser cutting of the tubes carried out by Spadotto with the 4.0 company system can be manifested in drilling, slotting, notching and inclined cutting.

Laser cutting achievements

Some examples of working with different materials

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