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Sheet bending

We shape your projects

Sheet bending

The company is specialized in the bending of metal sheets, especially in the bending of steel and aluminum sheets, with processes and technologies that ensure the highest Quality.


Spadotto works for the Italian manufacturing industry and for designers, ensuring creativity and design for metal structures.


High production capacity and in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of the materials and the possibilities of use make Spadotto the ideal partner for those looking for an efficient, fast and professional sheet metal bending service.


Spadotto has systems for sheet metal bending, to realize the most various bending angles of the sheets, with the following characteristics:


Dimensionsup to 4000 mm
Load up to 200 tons
Automatic angle control system
Automatic tooling system


Sheet bending is flexible and guarantees high quality results even for small batches.

Aluminum sheet bending

Aluminum sheet bending is one of the fastest processing, thanks to the well-known properties that distinguish aluminum: softness, malleability and lightness allow it to be folded without difficulty.


The years of experience of the Spadotto company have made it more and more specialized and with increasingly qualitative knowledge of sheet metal bending: a process that always starts from the CAD / CAM system, and continues with the cold working of metals through the latest generation bending machines, which guarantee forms of bending with millimeter precision.

Bending of stainless-steel sheet

The bending of stainless-steel sheets is particularly required in sectors where stainless steel, thanks to its high resistance to corrosion, enables specific products to be obtained that maintain high levels of safety and hygiene.

The bending of stainless-steel sheets is carried out with bending machines controlled by a CAD / CAM system, which checks every phase of the work: from prototyping to bending of stainless-steel sheet.

The entire sheet bending process is carried out with care to meet the specific technical needs of the individual projects, ensuring the customers perfect products from all points of view.

CNC Industry 4.0 sheet bending

The numerically controlled sheet metal bending process allows us to produce semi-finished metal items with a high repeatability, advantageous costs and without errors. Spadotto, with the computerized CAD CAM system of the Enterprise 4.0 is able to perform on-screen simulations and subsequently the processing of complex bent parts: it realizes both simple and complex shapes, folded elements of various types, simple and compound profiles.


The AMADA bending machine complete with the automatic tool magazine, applied to the production process management, allows to develop high quality work, also on the production of small batches to satisfy the customer’s request in the shortest possible time.

Laser cutting achievements

Some examples of working with different materials

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