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Metal carpentry

Facilities for companies

Light metal carpentry

40 years of experience have made Spadotto a reference point for civil and industrial metal structural work for all companies operating in the Veneto region, with particular attention to those dealing with mechanics, construction and furniture.


Light metal structural work is based on a series of processes in stainless steel, galvanized steel, brass, copper and aluminum. The services offered are numerous: from laser cutting of metals or without laser to punching, passing through bending, brushing, satin finishing and polishing. Every activity is based on the use of cutting-edge technological equipment and machinery – numerically controlled bending machines, for example, but also precision lasers – for a range of production processes that are continuously renewed and updated.

Treviso metal structure

Spadotto, equipped with top-level processing equipment, has specialized over the years in supporting designers and clients as early as the project phase, showing an attitude to consulting and problem solving.

For the production of carpentry structures Spadotto performs cutting, drilling, welding, bending, bolt profiling and sheet metal machining: it uses the latest machinery that offers the best standards of stability and strength.

Metallic carpentry company

The light metal carpentry is able to solve needs for mass production but also for small quantities, with the possibility of customizing the services with customized processing. There are many fields and sectors in which light metal structural work is applied.


Light metal structural work is carried out directly in the company: from the design of special metal components to the design of sheet metal parts, each phase is followed with the utmost attention to offer quality and reliability, versatility and flexibility. To guarantee the best possible products, the use of quality materials such as steel and aluminum cannot be ignored.

Mounting of metallic carpentry

The operational capacity of Spadotto, and its corporate mission based on partnership with its customers has meant that over time the company, in addition to the design, prototyping and industrial construction of metal structural structures has evolved also offering a timely and efficient assembly of the finished product.


The assembly of the metallic carpentry, executed by the specialized workers of Spadotto, is the ideal completion of the productive activity, and represents for the customers the confirmation of being able to rely on a leader in the conception, in the realization and in the service.

Metal structural work

Some examples of workings: different materials and different scales of size.

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